April 7, 2019, 2:02 a.m.

WIE-Learn: Mentorship program for Girls 2019 | Kochi Hub

Date : 7th April 2019

Venue : Online

No. of participants: 85

The technical community of IEEE Kerala Students and IEEE Kochi Hub along with WIE (Women in Engineering) affinity group organized an online mentorship program, called WIE – Learn, with the aim of promoting the recruitment of women in technical disciplines. The training program started from WIE week and continues till the WIE summit 2019.

The course was open for students from SBs all over the Kochi section. Teams of five were eligible to apply for the course, and a total of 17 teams were shortlisted, from about 45+ teams. Each team was assigned a mentor. (mentor to student ratio was 1:5).

The training sessions were given online, with meetups being held once in a while, to check on progress, and conduct discussions. These sessions were designed for every week, with weekly projects being given to the teams.

The track chosen for training was ‘Web Development’, and the course plan was formulated, with instructions being given to both mentors and students.

WIE – Learn, is a new initiative taken up by the WIE, with plans being made to extend it in the coming years.