Oct. 31, 2021, 12:58 a.m.

Kochi Hub WAR - 2021

  WAR is a IEEE Kochi Hub Student Branch Cluster Competitions. In this all the Student Branches under the Kochi hub have been divided into 10 clusters. Each SB has to conduct an event during this period. Points will be awarded to each cluster for winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and also a maximum of 50 points will be awarded for participation. There will be two types of events i.e., it can be either individual or cluster-based. After the completion of all the war events, the cluster that has managed to gain the maximum points will be announced as the winner.

  Robotics and Automation Society of IEEE SB SJCET conducted an Arduino based debugging competition as a part of the cluster war, organized by IEEE Kochi Hub. The competition started at 4:00 PM on 2nd June 2021. The participants got 24 hours to complete the task. There were some guidelines provided for the participants to follow. The submission form was closed by 3rd June 2021, 4:00 PM.

   In the competition a total of 105 participated out of which 3; Yadukrishnan PS , SCMS School of Engineering and Technology (Cluster 6) got first prize, Sam Stephen Thomas, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering (Cluster 10) got second prize and Mithun Xavior, GEC Thrissur (Cluster 7) got third prize.

  Round 1: Participants had to submit a detailed report of their product within 24 hrs that incorporates at least 5 of the provided articles. Basic tools and equipment that could be used to implement the design were: Bolt, Screw, Glue, Paper, Fabric, Wire, Steel contains Basic tools like screwdrivers, spanners, drills and angle grinders The reports submitted were evaluated and shortlisted participants were selected to Round 2.

   Round 2: Included a presentation followed by a stress interview based on the product they designed, via Google Meet.

  The following were declared as the winners: 1st place: Ayisha E A – FISAT; 2nd place: Muhammed Nihal P -CEM; 3rd place: Meenakshy Bijoy – RSET

  IEEE SB RSET in association with the Inter-Student Branch Cluster competitions by Kochi Hub organized LOLCODE, a one of a kind coding contest. The competition was held on 6th June 2021 from 7 pm to 12 pm on the HackerRank platform. The contest had 6 problem statements all depicting situations from famous sitcoms.

   The participants had to solve the questions using LOLCODE, a programming language known for its bizarre syntax within the time frame of 5 hours. This fun-packed competition was attended by 115 participants from over 35 colleges in the Kochi Hub.

   The winners were: 1st Prize – Goutham Byju, GEC Thrissur; 2nd Prize – Mohammed Hashim, FISAT; 3rd Prize – Mithun Xavior, GEC Thrissur.

  QUIZ ZONE, a mind cracking robotics-technical quiz competition, was organized by IEEE TIST SB in association with Inter Student Branch Cluster Competition organised by IEEE Kochi Hub, 8th June, 2021 at 8 pm., via google form.

  The event commenced at 8.00 pm. Questions were of MCQ format. The winners were selected on the basis of minimum time and maximum number of correct answers. Participants actively participated and gave their valuable feedback about the event. The event came to an end by 8.20pm. There was a total participation of 496 students

  Turnabout was an exhilarating cluster event conducted as a part of IEEE Kochi Hub – War 2021. The event consisted of two rounds. The first round was conducted on 10th and 11th of June, 2021 at 7.00 pm and the 2nd round was conducted on 13th of June 2020 at 3.00 PM respectively.

   The event was conducted through an online platform – Google Meet. The judges of the event were Ms. Nayana J (Assistant Prof. EEE department, ASIET, Kalady) and Ms. Sony M Varghese (Assistant Prof.
Placement and Professional Training, ASIET, Kalady ).

  As a part of Inter Student Branch Cluster War organized by IEEE Kochi Hub, IEEE MACE SB conducted a DATA DEBUG – a data cleaning and analysis competition on 12 June 2021. The platform for the event was google colaboratory. This event mainly focused on developing skills like data analyzing, cleaning, manipulation and visualisation in students.

   The winners were, First: Amritha Anand, IEEE SB VAST; Second: Blessey Saju, IEEE SB MACE; Third: Shivani S, IEEE SB RIT.

  ”SIMPLIFY IT” was a competition conducted as a part of the “HUB WAR”, an inter-SB cluster competition hosted by the IEEE Kochi Hub. The event had the sole purpose of giving the participants a platform to showcase their explanatory skills.

  Round 1 held from 8th to 13th June 2021, expected contestants to express their talent of elucidating complex theories as a document, and the most impressive ones were allowed to present it in the next round.

  Round 2 consisted of a live session where selected candidates were allowed to express their ideas and thoughts on the theory of their choice.

  A fun filled quiz competition by IEEE SB SCET in association with Inter Student Branch Cluster Competitions was organized by IEEE Kochi Hub on 16th of June, 2021.

   Winners of TRION : First Prize : Nithya Sree R Kartha, IEEE SB FISAT, Cluster 9; Second Prize : Abhinav S B, IEEE SB FISAT, Cluster 9; Third Prize : Anna Manoj, IEEE SB VJCET, Cluster 9. E – certificates were provided to the winners.

  Reverse Coding was a unique coding competition conducted by IEEE SB RIT in association with Inter SB Cluster Competitions organized by IEEE Kochi hub. Reverse Coding was held from 7 pm to 12.30 pm on 20th June 2021 as a part of Cluster Competitions and students from various colleges under specific clusters participated in this event as a part of the KHM War. The event had 158 IEEE members as participants.

   It started off by providing a simple piece of code and its output. Participants were supposed to reverse engineer the code and find the appropriate input, which was the password to another file that held the next piece of code and its output.

  IEEE SB GECI conducted the “ZEST-IDEA PRESENTATION” competition in the month of June. The event was conducted in two stages. First, the participants were asked to send an abstract on their idea. Then there was a session where the young professionals guided 4 coordinators and they sorted 45 projects here they were given guidance, pointers and other necessary solutions to any problem that they were facing or they will face in the future regarding this idea. After the filtering, about 15 were selected for the next round.
  Due to covid-19, we were not able to proceed with the prototype presentations. The young professionals decided on the first second and third prizes from the selected ideas. The abstract entries were from the 15th of June to the 28th of June. Then on the 5th first round of selection was completed flowingly on the 20th final result was decided. Through this project, we could interact with students and young professionals about their variety of product pitching ideas. Adithyan S, SJCET bagged the first prize, the second prize was secured by Mubeena Kabeer, TIST and the third was by Arjun MB, RSET.

  IEEE SB FISAT conducted a Web design competition. The event was to develop a webpage according to the given UI provided using any framework and upload the code in GitHub as a public repository. Its URL had to be submitted using the submission link on or before 30th June at 11:59 PM.
The competition had two tasks, the first of which was to design 2 webpages using the UI as a reference, and the webpage should shift to the next page with the click of a button. The second task was to create a game with the resources provided. Points were given to participants based on the completion of tasks and the winners were selected.Sara Paul (RSET, Cluster 4) secured the First position followed by Aswin K R (RIT, Cluster 5) at Second and Steena Xavier (GCET, Cluster 7) at the Third position
Sara Paul (RSET, Cluster 4) secured the First position followed by Aswin K R (RIT, Cluster 5) at Second and Steena Xavier (GCET, Cluster 7) at the Third position

  IEEE SB CE Kidangoor in association with the inter-student branch cluster competition organized by IEEE Kochi Hub presented a Poster Designing Competition Poster Deck. Out of 196 registrations, 97 submissions were recorded.Submissions were open for 24 hours from 9 AM, July 2nd, 2021.

  IEEE SB CUSAT in association with the Inter-Student Branch Cluster competitions by Kochi Hub organized Around the web in 80 minutes. The competition was of 7 rounds, where each team was from the same cluster and there were a total of 10 clusters with 4 participants each.

   parts of the competition happened in G-meet. Each team was supposed to crack the previous level in order to get questions of another level. Clues were embedded in various forms across the web. The team that was able to complete the run in the shortest time was the winner.

  IEEE SB IIITK in collaboration with Inter Student Branch cluster competition organized by IEEE Kochi Hub conducted Enigma, a quiz competition on Data Structures and Algorithms on 20th August 2021. In this professional space, a good computer science student stands out by their ability to use their knowledge on how to handle data efficiently. For doing so, one must have a good understanding of the various data structures and their efficient implementation using various algorithms. Recruiting companies use this knowledge as one of the benchmarks for their recruitment processes. Keeping this in mind, we organized Enigma, an online quiz that tests the knowledge and fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms. This quiz consisted of 40 DSA questions, all covering major DSA Concepts with a mix of three levels of expertise (easy, medium and hard).The winners are First: Justin Joe, TIST; Second: Minu Krishna, MACE; Third: Sreehari KN, MEC.

  IEEE SB VJCET in collaboration with IEEE KOCHI HUB (inter-student branch cluster) hosted ACROSTIC. It is a crossword puzzle related to IEEE magazine. The goal of the puzzle is to lead the seekers to know more about IEEE and it's throughout functions.

   The puzzle consists of 10 questions. The event was only for IEEE Members. The puzzle was interesting as well as informative. There was an active involvement of participants and the event was a great success.

  IEEE Student Branch College of Engineering Chengannur organized UNF01D as a part of Inter SB Cluster Competitions in association with KHM War from 23rd to 25th August 2021. The competition spanned 3 days and was an encryption-based event where students had to provide answers to a set of questions, each encoded uniquely.

   The students were given two questions each day with a 5 hour time window to solve each. The event was a perfect opportunity for students to evaluate the extent of their logical skills and problem-solving capabilities. It had an overall attendance of 45 participants from various colleges in the Kerala Section.

  IEEE SB PRC as a part of inter student branch cluster competition, organized by IEEE Kochi Hun brough out ‘WEB PORTFOLIO’. The deadline for the competition was on 27 th august 2021. Under the judge panel consisting of 4 teachers, the winners were decided.

  IEEE SB CE Poonjar in association with Inter Student Branch Cluster Competitions hosted by IEEE Kochi Hub conducted an online App prototype making competition, ‘BuildX’. The theme for the competition was to build an app for a university in the future. The competition was conducted via and later was informed to submit the link to their works in google form. The participants were provided 5 hours duration from 5pm to 10pm. The publicity period was from 20/08/2021 to 24/08/2021.There were a total of 13 participants. The event saw some exciting entries and the winners were provided with Achievement certificates.

  ”In association with IEEE Kochi Hub War – Inter SB Cluster Competitions organized by IEEE Kochi Hub as part of pre- events of KHM 2021, a virtual treasure hunt Quest was conducted by IEEE SB CEM . The hunt was exclusively for Kochi Hub IEEE members. This one-hour event was conducted through an online platform. The rules and the drive link were mailed to the participants.
  The questions
included riddles The google forms were attached along with the questions and the participants had to fill the form after every questions. The winners were selected based on the entries in Google form.
Winners: First: Arya MH, Providence College of Engineering (Cluster 1) Second: Neha Susan Manoj, GECT (Cluster 7) Third: Neil Sunny, RSET (Cluster 4)”

  Live quiz was a cluster event conducted by IEEE AISAT SB as a part of Hub war, which is a pre-event of KHM. The quiz questions were based on electrical, electronic and computer. Since it was a cluster event, there were only 40 participants for the event, 4 students from each cluster participated in it. There were 2 rounds, the first round was conducted through Quizizz and the final round was through google meet. Hub war events were really interesting, it encouraged a lot of students to work together for the success of their SB. It was an enjoyable and incredible experience to work with a cluster.

  In association with IEEE Kochi hub cluster war competitions IEEE MBCCET Student Branch conducted an online quiz competition on 04 th Sep 2021 at evening 4.00pm to 4.30pm.The questions of the quiz were from technology, engineering & current affairs.

  Quiz link has provided at 4 pm via Whatsapp group and participants were instructed to join the group through the registration. The Objective behind organizing a Quiz competition is to evaluate the knowledge of the participants within academics as well as beyond academics and to make people familiar with the prospects of quizzes and the objectivity of the questions.

  IEEE SB Vidya Academy of Science and Technology conducted CASTRIX, a platform to pitch ideas As part of the HUB WAR conducted by IEEE KOCHI HUB. The ideas was related to Covid 19. The program was conducted on August 31 and September 11 on the platform Google form and Google meet. The program was started with 18 participants.
   The round 1, the participants created a 3 min video of their project idea based on the theme and upload in youtube.Then, share the link of the youtube video in the Google Form. The round 2 was detailed explanation of selected project from round 1to be presented. Round 2 contained an interaction session and a QnA session regarding the project ideas through Google meet.

  The IEEE SB of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda as a part of the Cluster war organized by IEEE Kochi hub conducted a Python Debugging Competition on September 6, 2021, at 6 pm. The competition was conducted through the online platform HackerRank.

   The competition was conducted between the IEEE clusters under the Kochi hub. The results were announced on September 9, 2021. Nandhna Shaji from RSET, Cluster 4 bagged the first prize followed by Ruben Shibu from AJCE, Cluster 10, and Shan Shaji from AJCE, Cluster 10 with second and third prize respectively.